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Coach Factory Outlet in Miami has Great Deals for eBay Sellers

Shopping at the Coach Factory Outlet!
Shopping at the Coach Factory Outlet!

There is a Coach Factory Outlet store located in Miami  at  at the DOLPHIN MALL and  they are offering some fantastic sales throughout the store in addition to the clearance area located near the back of the store. This is especially great news for eBay sellers seeking items to sell online!

Shopping at the Coach Factory Store in Georgia!
photo by Louise Sanchez

Selling Coach Handbags on eBay does offer a few perks in addition to making a profit! One fantastic benefit is that it will allow you to own you’re own or a few at a discounted price.

The biggest trick to this trade is to do your homework before you buy! Visit the store and take a look at the inventory available. Then find the nearest computer and log into Notice the search bar and click on “Advanced Search” located to the right of the bar. Now you can view a more detailed page. Type in a few keywords from the purse and then check the box located below marked “completed listings.” This will allow you to search eBay for all the Coach items that have ended in the last 10 days. Focus on the ones in green with sold. The ones in red means they did not sell. You can learn from doing this type of search. Pay attention to the asking prices and determine which ones are realistic and which ones are not.
After the research is complete you can now decide what would be a good price to pay for the purse. You will know ahead of time a more realistic expectation of making a sale which will take the guess work out of buying ahead of time. This simple system will save you money down the road.

Key elements:
• What was the highest price sold?
• Was it an auction or Buy it now?
• Why did they not sell?
• What category did they place it in?
• What kind of shipping did they use?
• What was the starting bid price?
• Was there a reserve?

Educate yourself about the history of Coach Purses selling on eBay while you do the research. After you’ve gathered all this knowledge you can return to the store knowing which items are good deals and which ones are not.

To learn more about selling Coach Purses on eBay visit: How To Sell Coach Purses on eBay.
Visit the Coach website and sign for their newsletter. Stay informed in Miami and surrounding areas. Get on the mailing list for additional sale coupons.

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