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Co- Sleeping with your children; good or bad?

I get sent emails on a weekly basis about my baby and his growth. And weekly there's always something in those emails about co-sleeping. Everyone has their own opinion on co-sleeping, but there is no real answer as to whether you should co sleep or not. I've had my opinion changed from having my first son and I am here to share with you my thoughts on this taboo topic.

Even before I had gotten pregnant with my first son I had always been against co-sleeping. I had friends tell me that they did it and I just didn't understand. It sounded unsafe to me and I wondered why would you want your baby in bed with you when that could be time for just you and your significant other to spend alone together. My husband and I both agreed once I became pregnant that we wouldn't share a bed with our son.

Nine months later, our son was born and at first we had him in the bassinet every night. Unfortunately, he developed severe acid reflux and would cry most hours of the day. He got very attached to me and would be content only when I held him. When I would lay him down to sleep he would wake back up every hour because of discomfort from the reflux. Gradually over time he began sleeping in bed with us. It started out with my falling asleep with him on me because I was so exhausted from him waking up so often. My opinion began to change on this topic as I realized the only way I was going to get any rest was with him in bed with us.

My son is now three and there are times he still sleeps in bed with us. As much as I love having him next to us at night, it is nice to have the bed just to ourselves most of the time now. I'm still not 100% for co-sleeping mainly because the whole time we did co sleep I would worry that we would roll over him or something bad would happen. We had our second son May of last year and I wont let him sleep in bed with us. He sleeps in his crib and luckily does not have acid reflux.

I don't think there is anything wrong with co-sleeping. It's a parents choice and if that is something you are comfortable with then i say go for it!

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