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CO Senate to vote on bill to allow emergency medical care for dogs and cats

Contact your Senator and tell them to vote yes on SB 39

Colorado State Senator David Balmer recently introduced Senate Bill 39 to allow emergency teams to provide pre-vet emergency medical care for Colorado's beloved dogs and cats. SB 39 does not mandate such care, but instead voluntarily allows fire districts to provide life-saving care to a dog or cat at the scene of an auto accident, fire, flood, or other emergency.

Dogs and cats are members of our families, and SB 39 would permit the life-saving emergency care for these treasured four-legged family members that they deserve.


Make a polite phone call to your state senator and urge support of SB 39. Click here to look up your senator's name and phone number. When calling the conversation could be similar to this example:

"Hello Senator, I'm a constituent, and the purpose of my call is to tell you I would like you to please support SB 39 to allow the pre-veterinary emergency care of dogs and cats."

After making the phone call (please do not skip that crucial step!), fill in and submit this form to automatically send a follow-up message. Be advised that legislators receive a lot of email, so please personalize your message.

In the past, Senator Balmer received an award for passing a bill to protect our state parks. He strongly supports the off-leash dog park at Cherry Creek State Park. His introduction of SB 39 needs the support of the community. Make the time to call and write your senator to help pass SB 39.

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