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CO Poisoning Chap Oscar Should I Be Concerned?


(CO) My friend is none other than Carbon Monoxide and this is a straight to the point answer without being techie, it is odorless, colorless and it can kill you and or the family quick! It is most dangerous because it interferes with normal oxygen uptake for humans and other living organisms needing oxygen to live. I have over the past several years written more than a few WARNINGS about fuel burning devices like gas grills, cookers that are not properly vented or maintained. The real danger is that it has no odor, color or taste and CO can't be detected by our senses. it can also contribute to other illnesses. Kerosene heaters and camp stoves are other potential sources. My heartfelt encouragement is for you to take time right now and look around your home for signs of possibly a CO problem. Orange or yellow flames (should be blue) in your combustion appliances. Rust on the vent pipes visible from the outside. For me I have learned to RESPECT and call only Qualified Contractors to check my appliances for possible problems. I am no expert in this area and it would be in your best interest to find and understand what the symptoms of CO poisoning are. A CO alarm is not a bad idea at all and be careful with placement. God knows I can't begin to tell you the horror stories of people I know who have been overcome with the misuse of portable generators. We live near a wonderful lake and many of my friends with boats are cautioned every year to be safe with CO inhalation particularly with small children on board. Mill Creek Baptist Church thank you for Hosting a wonderful and may I say safe Catfish Fry last night!

Practice Safety Always, Chaplain Oscar Smith, CISM