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CNN sacks Middle East Sr. Editor over Hezbollah 'Tweet'



  • xexon 5 years ago

    Freedom of speech is under attack in this country. Again.

    "Israeli supporters"? Let's just call them zionists because that's what they are.

    These hasbara infest every forum on the net now. And every presidential cabinet since Reagan has been thick with them.

    Time for a route.


  • What a joke 5 years ago

    She was commenting on how he was a supporter of women's rights.

    way to go right wing! Losers.

  • usawakeup 5 years ago

    Wow, CNN had a Islamic terrorist sympathizer on the propaganda team? Maybe Eric Holder has a job for her.....

  • CNN Management 5 years ago

    What a joke says: "She was commenting on how he was a supporter of women's rights. way to go right wing! Losers."

    Dear Sir; we may be losers, but no one can rightly call us "right wing." We are Leftists through and through. Don't believe me, ask Olbermann.


    The Leftist Owership, Management, Editorial Staff and Official Obama Butt-Kissing Team at the Communist "News" Network.

  • CNN Management 5 years ago

    xexon says: "Freedom of speech is under attack in this country..."

    Dear Sir:

    We strongly object to the notion that we are restricting free speech. Ms. Nasr is an employee and representative of CNN and so everything she says reflects upon CNN. Her speech is limited by contract to express only what CNN deems an appropriate representation of CNN opinions and interests. CNN's constitutional rights to engage in legally binding contracts over-rides Ms. Nasr's right to say what she wishes while under contract to CNN. Ms. Nasr exercised her freedom of expression and CNN exercised our right of contract to end her employment. The only crime here is the participation of Fadlallah in the butchery of countless innocents to advance a hate-filled totalitatian theocracy.

    We hear no complaints about that though. Just whiney morons spewing their thoughtless self-defeating drivel.

    May you inherit the world your ideal advance - one where your options are limited to slave or corpse.

  • You suck 5 years ago


  • CNN Management 5 years ago

    You suck says: "CNN is not leftist. THEY HIRED GLENN BECK STUPID"

    Yeah. So based on that frail argument Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) is a conservative just becasue he has an "R" after his name.

    Arguing that CNN is not a leftist propaganda machine is like arguing that water isn't wet. It only works until a conscious person tests the theory. Unlike you, we are smarter than that.

  • Poor Demonrats... 5 years ago

    This my friends is the state run media!

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