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CNN's Piers Morgan - World's worst talk show host

Piers Morgan: World-class jerk
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Where have you gone Larry King?

Piers Morgan, the talk British-born liberal talk show host who replaced Larry King several years ago is raising eyebrows across the nation with his take on the Benghazi tragedy the other night.

While a bipartisan Senate intelligence committee report on Benghazi was released last week squarely placing the blame on the State Department and intelligence agencies for the failures that led to the death of four Americans on Sept. 11, 2012, Piers Morgan felt he had to provide his two cents on the debacle.

Talking with his guest, Sen. John McCain, he laid into the State Department and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as most sane observers and Senate committee members have.

But Morgan felt he had to take the issue to another bizarre level.

The talk show host incredibly attempted to deflect some of the blame to, of all people, slain Ambassador Chris Stevens.

The following are his exact words:

Morgan: When you actually get into the weeds of this pretty lengthy report, it also is very clear that one of the people who may be most to blame for not reacting to the threat and for increasing security despite being urged to repeatedly was the ambassador himself. And obviously you don't want to speak ill of a man who was killed in such appalling circumstances, but is it fair to also say that he as the ambassador should have done more to react to direct warnings that he was given on numerous occasions?

McCain: Well, I think it's important to point out that he had asked for additional assistance. What he turned down was additional military assistance. But he certainly sounded a number of warnings about the deteriorating situation, including ten terrorist organizations, outfits, that were right there in Benghazi. So I think that Christopher Stevens, Chris was very aware of the threat. He did make the State Department aware of that. And the only time he really turned down help was when it was uniform military assistance that was offered.

It is no fluke that CNN is suffering the worst ratings in their history. Wherever Bernie Shaw is, he got out at the right time from this network.

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