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CNN's Don Lemon demonstrates stunning ignorance on automatic weapons

While discussing the issue of Ferguson, CNN's Don Lemon demonstrated a stunning level of ignorance when asked what constitutes an automatic weapon, The Blaze reported Thursday.

CNN's Don Lemon demonstrates ignorance on guns.

“The gun law says that you and I can’t just go out and buy an automatic weapon, so let’s deal with the facts here," said conservative radio host Ben Ferguson. “A semi-automatic weapon is a gun that you and I are allowed to own, and in different places they have different rules. But to imply that anyone can walk out and buy an automatic weapon is just not true, Don.”

Lemon, however, told Ferguson he was able to buy an automatic weapon after the Aurora, Colorado, movie shooting. He also claimed -- falsely -- that anyone can purchase an automatic weapon.

“I have maybe shot a gun three, four times in my life — I don’t even live in Colorado. I think most people can go out and buy an automatic weapon,” Lemon said. “I don’t understand your argument there. It took me 20 minutes.”

Ferguson responded by asking Lemon how he defines an "automatic weapon." Predictably, Lemon proved that he has no clue what an automatic weapon is.

“For me, an automatic weapon is anything that you can shoot off a number of rounds very quickly," Lemon said. "I was able to buy an AR-15 in 20 minutes."

“With all due respect, you don’t know what you’re talking about,” Ferguson shot back before educating Lemon. “An automatic weapon is when you pull the trigger one time and it continually shoots off one after another, after another.”

Lemon, however, refused to back down. Instead of listening to Ferguson, who clearly knows the difference between a semi-automatic weapon and a fully automatic weapon, he doubled down, accusing Ferguson of “getting into semantics.”

“Let me finish, Ben. But listen. I think you are getting into semantics," Lemon said. "Regardless of what you want to call it, an automatic or a semi-automatic weapon.”

But "semantics," as Lemon calls it, is very important, as there is a huge difference between the two, and Lemon should have known that before delving into the issue. Automatic weapons are heavily regulated and cannot be purchased without special gun permits and background checks.

Lemon, however, continued, telling Ferguson he could fire a lot of rounds "very quickly," adding that the weapon had the “capacity to harm someone’s life in an instant.” Video of what The Blaze called a "cringe-worthy" segment can be seen above.

It's not the first time anti-gun liberals have demonstrated ignorance on the issue. As we reported in April 2013, President Obama falsely claimed the Newtown shooter used a fully automatic weapon when he gunned down some 20 children. As a result of the shooting, a number of liberal Democrats have sought to restrict the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, in some cases calling for outright confiscation.

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