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CNN 'O.J.'s wild ride: 20 years after the chase' Simpson called 'Sociopath'

The CNN broadcast of “O.J.'s Wild Ride: 20 years after the chase” was on June 15, 2014 at 7 p.m. (Eastern Time). The CNN special host Kyra Phillips was a TV reporter for the local Los Angeles station KCBS back in 1994.

Bronco Chase 1994
Joseph Villarin / Associated Press

CNN Introduction. O.J. Simpson was on the run in a white bronco owned by his friend Al Cowlings who was driving the vehicle. Cowlings called 911 to say that O.J. had a loaded gun & it was pointed at his head. O.J. was in the backseat as Cowlings drove up the Los Angeles freeway. O.J. was a suspect in the double murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson & her friend Ronald Goldman.

As the white bronco made its' way along the LA freeway. Brian Cherkas who is a photographer says, “People were jamming on the breaks, jumping out of their cars, sometimes in the middle of the freeway to run over to the side, to cheer O.J. on.”

Denise Brown, Nicole Brown's sister says, “I remember it like it was yesterday.”

Fred Goldman, Ronald's dad says, “It is as raw and painful as it was 20 years ago.”

Former LAPD detective Tom Lange says, “Simpson is a sociopath as simple as that. It took about 30 seconds for us to figure that out.”

Kyra Phillips says, “An extraordinary story of celebrity and murder.”

Gil Garcetti, Los Angeles district attorney says, “We saw perhaps the falling of an American hero.”

O.J.'s Wild Ride” opened with an LAPD press conference. On June 13, 1994 approximately 10 minutes after midnight. A witness found the dead bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman in the walkway of Brown's condo. There was blood everywhere as both victims were stabbed multiple times & Nicole was nearly decapitated. There was a bloody glove found at the crime scene. There was also bloody shoe prints & blood drops which led away from the condo.

O.J. Simpson had lived in a house a few miles away from Nicole's condo. He was in Chicago. Police detectives went to Simpson's home & found more blood drops leading up the driveway from O.J.'s rented bronco. LAPD also found another bloody glove behind Simpson's home. It matched the glove at the murder crime scene. O.J. then became a suspect in both murders.

LAPD detectives got a chance to interview Simpson, take his photo & a blood test. Police got a warrant for his arrest in both murders. O.J.'s lawyer made a deal where his client would turn himself in on a Friday morning. Instead, Simpson went on the run with a passport, gun, mustache & goatee disguises, plus nearly $9,000 in cash.

You can watch the full episode of “O.J.'s Wild Ride: 20 years after the chase” on YouTube.

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