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CNN journalist Soledad O’Brien brings a ‘Gathering for Women’ to Baltimore

“There once was a man who attended Johns Hopkins in search of his degree while the woman he fawned over was there practicing chemistry. The man was amazed with the woman’s beauty. He consistently rolled up on the woman asking her if she would like a ride – to mass none the less. However, the woman, shy and proper enough to know you don’t accept a ride from a man in those days, especially one you don’t know. Yet through persistence, especially having to roll down that raggedy car’s window each time, as in 1958 there were no automatic windows, the woman finally gave in.

CNN Anchor with Councilwoman Helen Holton
CNN Anchor with Councilwoman Helen Holton
GCOMM Media Co
O'Brien Book signing
GCOMM Media Co.

They made a date to have a date – for dinner. Though once they go out to eat on the town, they realize that no restaurant would seat them, based on her black descent (Cuban actually) and him being white. Therefore, she took him back to her apartment, which in those times was also a no-no, and whipped him up a delicious Cuban entrée that was so good they are still together today! The moral of the story not being one of persistence, or even one of a mixes couples love overcoming racial hatred of the Jim Crow era, yet more of ladies, if you can cook, you can get a man – for a lifetime”

Laughter filled the room after such a story was told by the CNN media personality who may be an international phenomenon, yet frequents Baltimore which is the town in which her parents met. The man was her father, the woman her mother, and the story was one of many that made her the woman she is today, as one the nation’s most prominent journalists, not to mention a model wife and mother of four.

Soledad O’Brien, invited to Baltimore by the city’s prominent non-profit group Associated Black Charities, addressed the packed hotel conference room filled with the beautiful black women of Baltimore as if they were girlfriends for years. There to sign copies of her newest journalistic masterpiece, The Gathering of Women, O’Brien stayed around gossiping far after the event was over, even taking time to address the local black media core in attendance.

The event, a lead-up event to ABC’s much anticipated and highly popular annual Gala, was hosted by the group’s Chief Development Officer, Christal Jackson. The vision of such event put together by the imaginative leadership of the group’s President and CEO, Diane Bell-McKoy, saw over 200 women gather at the Radisson at Cross Keys just to see O’Brien. Yet most didn’t expect such a down-to-earth, direct speaking and interactive woman that has traveled the globe reporting on such historic topics such as ‘Race(Black) in America’ documentaries - just getting back from the Orient covering the Japan earthquakes and tsunami.

“That’s what the job entails and there is nothing like going to cover the stories that potentially can change the lives of the viewers of your coverage,” stated O’Brien. Addressing the comments made by Jesse Jackson Sr. about her “not counting” when it came to CNN not having an adequate amount of black journalists, both in the book and in our interview, O’Brien was very open to the public in this new project as to how she got where she was, yet also addresses challenges faced along the way.

Check out the video produced by BmoreNews and the photos taken by GCOMM Media Co. on the side of this article. For more information on the upcoming ABC Gala on Saturday June 11, 2011 at Martin’s West, which is set to be co-chaired by Eddie Brown (Brown Capital Management) and Mayo Shattuck (Constellation Energy), you can visit them at call 410.659.0000 x1201.

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