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CNN interviewer Carol Costello fustrated with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed

CNN interviewer Carol Costello shared her frustration with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed in an interview following frustration over a weather-related traffic jam of gigantic proportions, according to a Jan. 29 ABC News report. After spending a few hours navigating the rare snowstorm that hit Atlanta earlier this week, Costello started her on-set interview with Mayor Reed by asking him, “You know how angry people are at you?”

CNN interviewer Carol Costello frustrated with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed
Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Telling Costello to “be fair,” Mayor Reed observed that he did not believe people were angry with him, and had a retort of his own when Costello brought up the multiple traffic accidents and other situations involving motorists leaving their vehicles in the ice. The Mayor quipped, “that's easy to say from your anchor seat,” to which Costello retorted, “No, I was stuck in traffic. I was one of those people.”

According to the Inquisitr, Costello suffered traffic jam woes like most other Atlanta motorists. It took over three hours for the news anchor to get home after work on Tuesday. After her first failed attempt at 1 p.m., she returned to the office, and tried later in the evening. She finally got home after two hours.

Costello notes that the crux of her interview was about accountability. “I was amazed that he kept passing the buck — pointing fingers everywhere but at himself,” Costello said in an interview. “I think that's where my frustration came from. I wanted him to say, 'I'm angry and frustrated at the response and I'm going to get to the bottom of it.' He didn't say that. Being a citizen of Atlanta and caught in the mess, I know what it felt like ... I wanted to get answers from the man who was supposed to be protecting me from that and I didn't get that.”

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