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CNN experts suggest alleged Ferguson gunshot audio may be a hoax

On Wednesday, Former LAPD officer David Klinger and CNN law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes told CNN the audio that allegedly contains gunshots from the Ferguson, Missouri, shooting of Darren Wilson, could easily be a hoax. As we reported yesterday, CNN aired the audio Monday even though the network admitted the audio has not been verified.

Experts tell CNN audio of alleged Ferguson gunshots may be a hoax.
Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

"I have no idea [if it's authentic],” Klinger told CNN's "New Day." “I’ve told your producers that for all I know this is something one of Howard Stern’s punk people had been doing. …I look at this and my first inclination is someone is trying to punk CNN.”

“When I heard this yesterday, I thought the exact same thing," Fuentes added. "It’s a hoax."

"The engineers in the laboratory at Quantico will be trying to determine if there was a dubbing," he explained. "Did we have an original recording of this guy having a conversation no one wants to talk about, and then the shots then dubbed over it; was it the complete tape?"

A number of questions have been raised regarding the tape. Many, for example, questioned the timing of the audio's release. Talk show host Rush Limbaugh noted that the man talking in the audio is unfazed by the alleged gunshots. Others have said nothing in the audio matches anything given by witnesses so far.

A man's voice can be heard saying: "You are pretty. You’re so fine, just going over some of your videos. How could I forget?” The context of the remarks is unknown, but Limbaugh said it sounded like a sex call. The sound of 10 gunshots are heard during this exchange, but the man continues talking as though nothing happened.

"All accounts from Brown’s side and the officer’s side say there was a single shot fired initially at the door of the police car," Fuentes said. "So that shot, followed by Brown trying to flee, and then the officer exiting the car and pursuing him and then firing the series of shots — so we’re missing that first shot. Now, I don’t know, CNN got this tape first. Did they censor it because the guy said something obscene over the first shot and they didn’t want to air that? We just don’t know all that.”

Nevertheless, CNN's Michaela Pereira defended airing the unverified audio. As Limbaugh noted Wednesday, the network aired the questionable audio all day.

“It needs to be said the lawyer who is representing the man who gave us the audio gave it to us, she swears it is real,” Pereira said. “We have no reason here at CNN to believe that it’s not true.” Video of the segment can be seen above.

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