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CMW 2010 series: Interview and top notch performance by "Make Your Exit"


Make Your Exit

(Photo by: Jaron Loban)

March 11th, 2010

The El Mocambo

First of all, Make Your Exit is an indie band that has a great vibe. They perform with saxophone, percussion, bass, guitarist, xylophone, and a whole host of other instruments, that make them compelling to hear perform live. 

Earlier in the evening, I had the honour of doing an interview with Jeff Buckley (lead vocals/guitars) and Skidboot (guitars). As usual, I had over prepared with many questions, and the guys were gracious to answer them (in the video below). They were candid with their answers and detailed in describing the mechanisms of making their music.

In particular, they were talking about many of the songs they had recorded for their "Remind Me The Reason I Came." They described their style in music and motivations behind the band.

They performed later that night at 1:00am, and we got back to the Elmo just in the nick of time (we were at Sneaky Dee's for "Everything All The Time & Parlovr) as they were taking the stage. The lighting for the stage was good, & they brought a presence as if they "own the stage”.

  • Make Your Exit performed with confidence and were tightknit and connected as a band. Their live vocals were strong, with the harmonies blending nicely together. Their sound brough a steady intensity which was neither too high or too low.
  • We arrived just on time, Make Your Exit was onstage, go through their final instrument/mike checks. It gave us a quick opportunity to find a good spot, and set our equipment
  • We were both very excited because meeting and interviewing them (Jeff Buckley & Skidboot) for 20 minutes, you feel you know them a bit. So, you want them to do well on stage.
  • Their live set was what I expected, but very crisp and a little less folky than I thought. They played some loud folk rock.
  • The saxophone player added a lot with his solos, and energy, just hopping around, banging the tambourine, this guy was a band energizer bunny.
  • The beauty of "Make Your Exit" is that don't try to be what they're not, which means, they know what they're best at doing musically.
  • They combine folk rock, strong vocals and harmonies, at a mid-tempo pace. They play their music in a really solid way, and their is strong band cohesion (like they know what everybody's doing all the time). It comes out as band confidence and self assuredness.
  • The music of "Make Your Exit" is a bit of a retro throwback to 70's folk rock traditions. They will not blow you up with the volume of their instruments, or scream and yell into the mike's (they sing).
  • Through their performance you get this vibe of a chill listening session to a great Canadian indie folk rock band. Good stage presence (good solid sound)
  • Humble guys, honour to interview the guys. who've made some cool, fun videos (Check below)

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