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CMS (aka "See A Mess") School System - Soaking the middle class - where does it end?

CMS High School
CMS High School
Independence HS

CMS is Soaking the Middle Class

Everywhere you turn, $50 here, $100 there, $250 here, more fundraisers EVERYWHERE. There aren't enough checks in the checkbook to keep up with the money the middle class is having to "throw in" to the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System.

With budgets being cut, CMS is passing the shortfall buck to the parents of children; but not equally. It seems just about every demand that is given for money is followed by the statement "unless you are on free or reduced lunch (FRL), then you get a free pass". 

If your children are playing sports, you probably were soaked for another couple hundred dollars this year. If your kids are in any class that requires technology, you've found there "aren't enough computers", "not enough headsets for language classes", "not enough supplies" just about everywhere, the list goes on and on.

The answer? Always it is "buy your own or you can't pass the class". Oh, but again, "if you are on FRL, no worries, we've got you covered. We'll just take it from the middle class". FRL students account for MORE than 1/2 of all CMS students. No wonder they have to collect so much from those that will allow themselves to be abused like this.

The latest example of the trend happened Tuesday night at Independence High School in Charlotte. Parents met for a meeting with their students that take AP (Advanced Placement) classes and school administrators. Basically, beginning this year, parents of AP students now have to pay for AP tests they take to get college credit. Those tests are ordered by the school in March, and taken in May by the students.

Well today the district not only informed parents of their need to pay for these tests, but also demanded payment by September 28th (3 weeks from now). At the end of the demand? Oh yeah, "if you are on FRL, here's your get-out-of-jail-free card, you can go". Why does the school need money now for tests they don't pay for until next year? Why not? It's free money!

Sadly, one parent complained that she will not be able to raise the money before September 28th because of financial struggles. She would need a couple of months to save it up. The answer? She was told "Then your child will not be able to take the test". Too bad she was just above the cut-off for FRL.

Many middle class-ers have had it. They're struggling to make ends meet just as much as anyone in this economy, but they're expected to take up the slack everywhere they turn. If this is the "trickle-down" that happens from President Obama's policies, it's no wonder there is a revolt across the country from the middle class.

The school system is beginning to look a lot like the tax system. You know, the one where the top 25% of earners pay 86% of all the taxes. Well, there is only so long that 25% will go along with it, and based on the emotional temperature of the middle class in this country, that time seems to be getting closer.


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