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CMO Interview: Pat Whelan Streamwize

Pat Whelan, CMO of Streamwize
Pat Whelan

Pat Whelan

CMO, Streamwize

Please tell me a little about Streamwize

Streamize believes there is a much better way for brands to connect, engage, and transact with consumers. What we see if you look at the market right now is that brand content marketing in pretty much all its forms are almost specifically designed to be disruptive from a consumer behavior perspective.

Often when one sees adverts or even pictures within editorial content and you click on them, they tend to take you out of the user experience, away from the place where you choose to be.

We think that disruptive nature of how digital advertising works today needs to change.

Secondly, one of the things we see is the way content is being packaged and presented has become fairly tired and unimaginative. It doesn’t matter how inspiring a story may be, the way it is presented can cause the impact of the story to be lost.

We believe publishers and advertisers need to rethink their content marketing and advertising practices as it has a profoundly negative impact on the customer experience.

What we are doing at Streamize is changing that status quo. We have a new visual content marketing platform that leads to a much more effective means of customer engagement, interaction and transaction.

The platform allows brands to tell their story and build better relationships with their target audience than anything that’s around today.

We do that by delivering content in stream, in feed, in the customer experience of their choice. We that with what we call Capsule Technologies, that is a proprietary technology that runs off our platform that are effectively digital story boxes that can contain any type of content: imagery, video, text, it can be comments related, we can provide web services in a capsule, the contents of a capsule can be interactive so consumers can interact inside the capsule, without ever leaving the experience in which they encountered the content.

That means we keep them in the experience of their choice so they can enjoy the content, and the experience, and the stories, without ever leaving the experience.

I know a lot of people who do what I call Native Ads where the ad shows in the blog stream, but I’m not certain of any that allow someone to interact and buy without leaving the blog stream. Does StreamWize do that?

It depends on the nature of what the content is and who your target audience is. Your target audience may well be consumers for whom this makes sense. However the content may be educational, maybe information. It could be people reaching out and providing high quality content inside a capsule to educate patients about a particular disease. It could be students who are receiving educational content. It can be used for a multiplicity of uses. Our focus right now is more commercial brands and agencies who support those people, but the applicability of the technology is very broad.

Native advertising as you say is supposed to be in stream and in feed, but if it still links you off the site, you’re still being taken out of your user experience, and it still doesn’t provide you with the capabilities provided by capsules where you can have all types of content. In fact inside a capsule you could even have the website you would have been linked off to in the first place. If the ad was to take you to the website, you could interact with and transact with the website without ever leaving the experience that you’re in.

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