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CM Punk: Why are you still chanting for him?

On the Monday after the Royal Rumble, CM Punk got on a plane and "went home". A conversation happened with a few people, and no one knows what was said, and after he "went home". How many articles have you read where it stated he was burnt out or injured, so he "went home"? How many podcasts have you heard talk about him? (If you are not listening to Chris Jericho's and Jim Ross' podcasts on, you need to get with it!) It was the biggest news leading up to WrestleMania and the topic of two articles that I ended up deleting because there isn't much use in me speculating.(During Mania season I like to avoid the IWC and be shocked like the good ol' days) He was a huge star. He said he was the 'Best in the World', and probably was telling the truth at one point or another. But he had time left on his contract, something happened that he didn't agree with, so he took his ball and "went home".

I like CM Punk. I heard a lot of people say "good for him, do it now before an injury happens to where he feels it for the rest of his life" and the other good excuses. (which there are some) WWE has a horribly long schedule (eventual booking article coming soon) that eventually hurts the product because these guys get overused or hurt or burnt out. They then leave and go heal while the writers and VKM panics and makes drastic decisions that we don't like. There was speculation before the Rumble that he was going to either take time off in the summer or maybe not even come back when his deal is over. This to me hurts him because it shines a light, true or not, that he was never going to honor the rest of his contract. There are plenty of guys that were in that situation but gave the WWE the respect of finishing the time they agreed upon. If something serious has happened and he needed to leave abruptly, there has been plenty of opportunities for him to come back and give an explanation. Give the fans some kind of explanation. (12 dollar beers, a few hundred bucks at every live event add up!)

For whatever reason, the WWE Universe has decided to go against the grain and chant his name during matches and slow points in the shows. I do not understand this. If he is gone for good, why are you interrupting quality action with him? I was never a big CM Punk fan (new ECW feud with Morrison, duuuh) until the Straight Edge Society where I thought he was brilliant. But yet, I took offense to him just walking away like that. (the same way I took offense to Stone Cold walking away like that) He's the one doing all the hard work while I sit back and get entertained, but like the WWE Network commercial says, they are not there unless the WWE Universe is there. I hate the argument "I drew money" (because there are lots of different factors to get the fans in the seats for just one guy to claim he's the reason) but he became a top draw and people bought tickets to see him wrestle. (even though he would walk down the center of the aisle and avoid giving people a high five..yes I'm still bitter from last September) You have a responsibility to the fans!

John Cena would not do this! Daniel (BEST IN THE least until Jericho comes back) Bryan would not do that. The Rock left but he gave a great speech and gave us closure (until the next return). The greatest performers of all time never quit on the fans and stayed gone. Stop cheering his name because CM Punk got on a plane, and went home.

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