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CM Punk spotted at Wrestlemania 30 ceremony in New Orleans

According to an Apr. 5 report from Fansided, CM Punk was spotted in New Orleans for the WWE's 2014 Hall of Fame induction ceremony, one night prior to Wrestlemania 30.

Punk, 35, walked away from the WWE following this year's Royal Rumble, and he hasn't appeared at any house shows since.

Despite his three-month absence from the promotion, WWE Universe never forgot about Punk. In fact, he's more popular than ever.

WWE fans weren't sure if they were ever going to see Punk wrestle again, but now it appears he'll be taking part in Wrestlemania 30 in some way, shape or form.

The WWE is keeping tight-lipped on the matter, as they want it to be a surprise.

However, social media platforms and several media outlets are reporting that Punk will be scripted into the show along with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Apparently, the WWE would like Punk to start feuding with Austin, in anticipation of next year's Wrestlemania.

As the story would have it, the WWE reserved two hotels in New Orleans for the talent appearing at Wrestlemania 30.

A report states that WWE Divas champ AJ Lee was mysteriously moved from one hotel to another the night before Wrestlemania 30.

Since AJ Lee is engaged to Punk, the move led many to believe that he was in attendance for the big event in New Orleans.

The only way WWE fans will be able to know for sure if Punk is returning is if they tune in on Apr. 6, when Wrestlemania 30 rocks New Orleans.

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