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CM Punk shocks WWE Universe with post-retirement weight gain

According to a June 25 report from Cageside Seats, former WWE superstar CM Punk can't even go for a morning jog without making the headlines. Punk, 35, was spotted running alongside his girlfriend, WWE Divas superstar AJ Lee, on June 23 in Hawaii. Punk and Lee are currently enjoying their honeymoon, after getting married earlier this month in a private ceremony.

Former WWE superstar CM Punk recently jogged with AJ Lee
Photo by Frazer Harrison

After Punk and Lee were seen running together, two major stories emerged. First off, the sight of Lee's toned abs instantly squashed the rumor that she is pregnant with Punk's child. There had been speculation from WWE fans that Lee would be out for an extended period of time due to pregnancy. It now appears that was just a rumor and that Lee is not pregnant. However, it's entirely possible that it's just too early for her to be showing any signs of being pregnant. Time will tell how the situation plays out.

Lee, 27, lost her WWE Divas championship to Paige a couple months back, and she hasn't appeared at any of the promotion's house shows since. The original plan was for her to return later this summer, perhaps at WWE Night of Champions. It was widely expected that Lee would return to the WWE after taking some time off for her wedding and honeymoon with Punk, but then rumors emerged that she was pregnant.

At present time, WWE officials have not confirmed or denied Lee's pregnancy. The star herself hasn't either. Besides Lee's shredded body, the other story that emerged from the photo is that of Punk's post-retirement weight gain. It appears he has put on at least 15 pounds since walking away from the WWE, and possibly more. There's no other way to say it: Punk seems to be letting himself go.

When Punk last appeared in a WWE match, he was in peak shape. Just six months later, he seems to have already lost his six-pack abs and some muscle tone. Is Punk's post-retirement weight gain reason for fans to be concerned? There's two ways to look at it. Sure its a concern that he gained weight, as it could indicate that he's retired from the WWE for good.

However, it's a positive sign that he's trying to do something about the weight gain. Punk was jogging on his honeymoon, at a time when he could have been relaxing. He's obviously being proactive in the situation, working to get back in shape before he puts on even more weight. Questions still remain if Punk will ever return to the WWE, but fans will be watching closely.

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