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CM Punk's Twitter account springs back to life

According to an April 25 report from Epoch Times, former WWE superstar, CM Punk, has started to show signs that he's interested in returning to pro wrestling. Punk, 35, walked away from the WWE following this year's Royal Rumble, but he recently "favorited" a wrestling-related tweet from a WWE fan. Could this mean that Punk is thinking about a return to the WWE?

CM Punk's Twitter account has shown signs of life
Photo by Frazer Harrison

Time will tell how the situation plays out. However, Punk's Twitter showing some signs of life is obviously a good indication that his heart is still in wrestling. Prior to his "favorite" of the fan post, Punk had been absent from Twitter since the end of January. Punk has gone three months without posting a single tweet.

Is Punk really finished with the WWE? No one knows for sure except for Punk, but all signs seem to point to his return this summer. If Punk really was done with the WWE for good, one would have to guess that either Punk or the WWE would announce his retirement. Punk saying nothing about officially leaving wrestling leaves plenty of questions open and up in the air.

WWE Universe has no sense of closure so far, since Punk hasn't stated that he's officially finished with the WWE. The promotion hasn't made any definitive comment on the matter either. Here's the thing: Punk was legitimately burnt out on wrestling when he walked away from the WWE after Royal Rumble.

Kevin Nash and Mick Foley both recently came out in the media to describe the pain Punk was in every time he wrestled at WWE house shows. Nash said Punk suffered from degeneration in his lower back, and Foley explained that he often saw him with ice and heating pads on his back following WWE events. Punk was in pain from years of performing.

Now that Punk has had a good three months to heal his body up, the hope from fans is that he'll return to the WWE by the end of the year. Some media outlets are reporting that Punk will be back in the WWE this summer, to coincide with AJ Lee's return to WWE house shows in the U.S. WWE Universe will be waiting anxiously for word on his return.

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