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CM Punk's new MMA-themed Twitter account confirmed a fake

According to a March 10 tweet from PhilBrooksMMA, CM Punk's new MMA-themed Twitter account is still up and running, even though it has been confirmed as a fake.

"@SamElzinie: @PhilBrooksMMA Is this the real CM Punk? I think we deserve to know!" Grain of salt until the 16th," the account tweeted on March 10.

Punk, 35, was rumored to have opened the account after a WWE fan reportedly spotted him in a t-shirt with the @PhilBrooksMMA logo on it.

However, it turns out the photo was just photo-shopped to make it seem as though Punk was wearing the @PhilBrooksMMA shirt.

In reality, Punk was wearing a BDHC t-shirt, not a @PhilBrooksMMA shirt.

Despite the new Twitter account being verified as fake, Punk may still end up in the MMA realm.

No one really knows for sure what is on Punk's mind, as he hasn't been in the public spotlight since his last WWE appearance.

Punk hasn't tweeted or done any public interviews, so no one really knows what is going on with him.

Punk's WWE contract legitimately expires in July. At that point, he could negotiate a new deal, or simply walk away from the WWE forever.

Earlier this year, Punk did an interview with Ariel Helwani, where he hinted that he would like to test his skills in MMA.

I have this notoriety and I have this presence, so do you put that on a small show or do you start off in the UFC? Maybe I just get guzzled. Who knows? But think of all the people who want to see me get my ass kicked! Think about that. So it's a really interesting question I think. It's like what do you do with that? Do you put me in a UFC Octagon and does that do a good buyrate because people are interested in seeing it, or do people just want to see me get beat up? And either way everyone makes a bunch of money. I get punched in the face four nights a week, and I'm not saying it's any easier or any harder than what I do. There's similarities and there's differences.

Analysis: In all likelihood, Punk is waiting for his WWE contract to expire before commenting on his future endeavors.

Whether Punk ends up back in the WWE or onto a new career with the UFC, hopefully he'll be at peace with his decision and go on to live a happy, healthy life.

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