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CM Punk's lawyers send a message to WWE over royalty money, likeness use

CM Punk's lawyers are not happy with WWE

Former WWE superstar CM Punk is none too happy to see his likeness being used for the upcoming WWE 2K15 video game, among other things. The Straight Edge Superstar's lawyers have sent WWE a 22-page memo with regards to the use of Punk's likeness and any associated royalties. While the report does not state whether this is a legal warning or general complaint, it certainly bolsters reports that WWE is no longer sending Punk any royalties after he walked out on the company following this year's Royal Rumble event.

Punk being included in WWE 2K15 is not a sign that he is coming back to the company, but rather a side effect of the development of the game being well in motion prior to Punk's departure. We've seen in the past that rosters for the WWE game can be outdated the day it goes on sale, and in this case Punk is heavily featured as his rivalry with John Cena is highlighted as one of the pieces of the new "2K Showcase" mode.

Punk's contract with the company was said to go through July of 2014, meaning WWE could easily argue that the contract was breached upon his abrupt exit in January and, depending on the language in the contract, they would not be liable for any royalties on the use of Punk's likeness in the game this year.

Credit: The Wrestling Observer

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