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CM Punk's departure from the WWE doesn't bother The Bella Twins

According to a March 26 report from, The Bella Twins have taken some positives away from CM Punk leaving the WWE.

Brie and Nikki Bella both believe that Punk's decision to walk away from the WWE could actually create some opportunities for up-and-coming WWE superstars such as Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt.

Nikki Bella, who is dating John Cena, thinks Punk leaving could actually help her boyfriend remain the face of the WWE.

You know, John's been the face of the company for a long time. He's always been in a great spot. If anything, John loves what's best for business. If that's an opportunity for a younger guy to come up, like Bray Wyatt or someone like that, John loves that.

As for Brie Bella, she says Punk's absence could lead to Bryan getting a push.

To be honest, I felt Daniel Bryan has been in a great spot. Punk leaving and whatever the details are we don't know. But I think Bryan was in a really great spot and he was getting his way there. So I never thought anything of it.

Analysis: Since Nikki is dating Cena and Brie dates Bryan, they are obviously a bit biased when it comes to the Punk situation.

Punk leaving the WWE has created more opportunities for Cena and Bryan, so that's why The Bella Twins feel his departure is no big deal.

Punk walked away from the WWE after this year's Royal Rumble, and he hasn't competed at any house shows in months.

Since his departure, Bryan has emerged into a huge star and he'll likely get a spot in the Wrestlemania XXX main event. The Bella Twins have also become household names since Punk left the promotion.

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