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CM Punk's departure from the WWE could benefit Daniel Bryan and John Cena

According to a March 26 report from, The Bella Twins think CM Punk's departure from the WWE could be a positive for Daniel Bryan and John Cena.

Nikki and Brie Bella saw that Bryan and Cena weren't getting the opportunities they deserved when Punk was around in the WWE, so they feel that their men might get a huge push from the promotion now that the Chicago native is gone.

Brie Bella, who dates Bryan, expects her boyfriend to receive a better share of the spotlight with Punk out of the loop.

To be honest, I felt Daniel Bryan has been in a great spot. Punk leaving and whatever the details are we don't know. But I think Bryan was in a really great spot and he was getting his way there. So I never thought anything of it.

As for Nikki Bella, she believes Cena will benefit the most from Punk's absence.

You know, John's been the face of the company for a long time. He's always been in a great spot. If anything, John loves what's best for business. If that's an opportunity for a younger guy to come up, like Bray Wyatt or someone like that, John loves that.

Analysis: Cena has been the face of the WWE for a long time, so he's not likely to get a huge push due to Punk's absence.

However, Bryan just might actually benefit from Punk leaving the WWE. It was likely that Punk would receive a spot in the Wrestlemania XXX co-main opposite Triple H, but now that opportunity belongs to Bryan.

The Bella Twins weren't far off the mark in their comments on Punk. Other WWE superstars will benefit from Punk leaving the promotion.

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