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CM Punk returning to the WWE soon, according to Alberto Del Rio

According to a June 27 report from Wrestling Inc., WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio believes CM Punk will return to active pro wrestling competition sometime in the near future. Del Rio, 37, admits he doesn't have any inside scoop on the situation, but he knows Punk better than the casual fan. He didn't go into detail on exactly when he thinks Punk will be back in the WWE, only that he thinks it will be sometime soon.

Alberto Del Rio thinks CM Punk will be returning to the WWE soon
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

What can WWE Universe take away from Del Rio's comments? Not much, except that its one man's opinion on a situation that has affected thousands. Some think Punk will never return to the WWE, while others believe he'll be back as soon as this summer. The only thing for sure is that time will tell how the situation will turn out.

As most WWE fans know by now, Punk walked away from the promotion after not winning this year's Royal Rumble. The 35-year-old reportedly was legitimately burnt out on the daily grind of wrestling, and fighting through injury after injury. Punk finally had enough after Batista was scripted to win Royal Rumble, even though Punk had arguably done the most work during the event.

Punk never got the Hollywood movie roles that other top WWE superstars received. While Batista and John Cena had the opportunity to do commercials and cameos in movies, Punk was often passed over because he didn't fit a family-friendly image. His small frame and tattooed arms hurt his chances to become the top babyface in the WWE, so he decided to walk away.

Punk never officially announced his retirement, so WWE fans were left to wonder if he would ever return. Earlier this month, Punk was spotted jogging alongside his girlfriend, AJ Lee. It was clear he put on some weight since leaving the WWE, but the fact that he was going for a run led some fans to believe that he was working to get back in wrestling shape.

Since walking away from the WWE earlier this year, Punk was spotted everywhere from Chicago Blackhawks games to the Chicago Cubs' announcers' booth. He hasn't appeared at any WWE house shows since walking away from the promotion in January. Is it all just part of an elaborate storyline to eventually bring him back into the WWE mix?

It wasn't meant to be, but this is a case of real life mixing with a WWE storyline. Punk being gone for so long has elevated his profile to peak heights, and the WWE community will go bonkers if he does ever return to action. Del Rio could turn out to be absolutely correct about Punk coming back in the near future, or he might be very wrong. At present time, it's likely that only Punk knows for sure.

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