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CM Punk receives verbal pipe bomb from Triple H on WWE Monday Night Raw

According to a March 25 report from, Triple H is extremely annoyed that CM Punk will not be fighting him at Wrestlemania XXX.

Triple H is so bothered by Punk that he decided to take a verbal jab at him during the March 23 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, which was filmed live at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

During the episode, Triple H told Daniel Bryan that, even though he dislikes him, at least he hadn't taken his ball and went home with it like other wrestlers.

Triple H was obviously taking a shot at CM Punk, who walked out on the WWE after the Royal Rumble.

The Brooklyn crowd was fully aware that Triple H was ripping into their hero, as they broke into a "CM Punk! CM Punk!" chant shortly after his comments were made.

Triple H apparently really wants to work with Punk at Wrestlemania XXX, and he is annoyed by the snub.

Triple H is now battling Bryan in the co-main slot, with the winner set to advance to the Wrestlemania XXX main event against Batista and Randy Orton.

The winner of Triple H vs Bryan will be part of a triple-threat match. Punk was hoping to automatically be in the Wrestlemania XXX main event, so he didn't want to have to face Triple H in order to get there.

So what exactly has Punk been up to since leaving the WWE?

Punk recently made a cameo appearance on AMC's "The Talking Dead," and he was spotted last night at a Chicago Blackhawks game.

Besides that, Punk has remained out of the public eye. He hasn't been tweeting, and he hasn't yet revealed what his future career plans are.

Punk's WWE contract legitimately expires this summer, and there has been some talk of him possibly heading to the MMA realm. No one knows for sure except Punk himself, so time will tell how the situation plays out.

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