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CM Punk Quits the WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar has left the company according to various media report. CM Punk (real name Phil Brooks) was reportedly upset with the direction of the company heading into Wrestlemania. The former WWE World Champion competed this past Sunday at the company pay per view, Royal Rumble, which was won by returning superstar Batista. That win puts Batista in the main event at Wrestlemania. CM Punk has previously been critical of returning superstars coming in and taking spots from guys who have been on the roster the entire year.

Many internet wrestling fans thought this was a work (part of the show storyline) as a previous angle played out in 2011 with Punk leaving the WWE only to return two weeks later. Numerous clues lead all to believe that this is not part of a storyline. WWE has made no mention of Punk leaving the company on their website to date. Also a tweet by WWE Diva, AJ Lee, Punk’s real life girlfriend seemed to mention his departure before being quickly deleted. Lee tweeted, “Let me be the first to confirm that Phil is in fact done with the WWE. I can’t exactly say why at the moment, but in the coming hours more will be reveal [sic] and FYI this is not an work.” The tweet was sent out at 4:23 AM Wednesday morning, just 32 hours after Monday Night Raw in which CM Punk was not on the program.

Punk recently conducted an interview with MMA reporter, Ariel Helwani last week in which he gave subtle clues of his displeasure with the WWE. Punk, who contract is set to expire in July, told Helwani he is not sure if he would resign with the company this summer. He also stated that he wouldn’t be a fan of wrestling right now if it wasn’t for him being on WWE. Punk reported told WWE chairman, Vince McMahon, that he was leaving to go home Monday night. Punk has since been taken off all upcoming shows including Friday Night Smackdown, in which he previously advertised to appear this week.

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