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CM Punk opens new MMA-themed Twitter account

According to a March 10 tweet from the PhilBrooksMMA Twitter handle, former WWE star CM Punk has opened a new Twitter account with an MMA theme.

"16th!" Punk tweeted.

At the time of this publication, it's unclear where Punk was referring to with his comment about the 16th. Perhaps he'll be making an announcement on his new MMA career on March 16th, or maybe he'll open up about the status of his WWE contract on the 16th of this month.

The new Twitter account was verified as legitimate because Punk was spotted earlier in the day on March 10 with a t-shirt that had the @PhilBrooksMMA Twitter handle logo on it.

No word yet on which organization Punk will land in, or the date for when he'll be making his MMA debut.

However, his newest Twitter account is the latest event to transpire in what appears to be his foray into the MMA realm.

Punk's contract with the WWE expires this summer, and he hinted earlier this year that he would like to test his skills inside the UFC once his pro wrestling days were over.

Punk, 35, hasn't spoken to UFC President Dana White about it, even though the two men have been spotted sitting fairly close to each other at recent UFC events.

I think if I talk to Dana [White] about it, it becomes that much more real. Plus if you're Dana, what do you do with a guy like CM Punk who comes to him and says that?

Punk isn't sure how successful he would be in a UFC fight, but he does know people would pay to watch him compete even if he got ravaged by a high-level MMA fighter.

"I have this notoriety and I have this presence, so do you put that on a small show or do you start off in the UFC? Maybe I just get guzzled. Who knows? But think of all the people who want to see me get my ass kicked!" Punk exclaimed. "Think about that. So it's a really interesting question I think.

"It's like what do you do with that? Do you put me in a UFC Octagon and does that do a good buyrate because people are interested in seeing it, or do people just want to see me get beat up? And either way everyone makes a bunch of money. I get punched in the face four nights a week, and I'm not saying it's any easier or any harder than what I do. There's similarities and there's differences."

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