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CM Punk once got annoyed when Daniel Bryan forgot to say 'Yes!'

According to an Apr. 5 report from, CM Punk once got annoyed at Daniel Bryan when the bearded WWE superstar forgot to say his signature catch phrase to him.

Bryan and Punk were discussing a possible tag-team match overseas. After Punk asked Bryan about the match, he was expecting him to break into his signature "Yes!" chant.

Apparently, Punk got annoyed when Bryan failed to say "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

I forget sometimes that saying 'Yes' is my thing. I was over in Europe doing a tag match. I was teaming up with CM Punk and he was saying 'what do you say Daniel Bryan, do you want to do this tag match?' I was like 'yeah, it sounds good'. He said to me 'what are you doing, are you joking with me right now?' And I was like, o crap that's my thing. Yes. So, it happens.

Bryan also went on to say that he is surprised how the Yes! Movement caught on around the globe, at sporting events ranging from pro hockey to college basketball.

I try not to pay attention to people doing it too much because people are always tweeting me and saying 'o people are doing it here.' The Michigan State basketball game was just surreal man. Not only the thing they were doing at the half-time, but also when they were doing it to distract the free throwers.

Analysis: Punk likely wasn't really upset with Bryan, as the bearded WWE superstar simply forgot to say his catch phrase.

Bryan wasn't trying to be mean-spirited at all by not saying 'Yes' to Punk.

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