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CM Punk officially retired, according to his former girlfriend

According to a May 9 report from Inquisitr, CM Punk's former girlfriend recently wrote an essay about how the WWE superstar is officially done with pro wrestling. She says CM Punk will never return to the WWE because he has enough money to be set for life.

CM Punk left the WWE in January
Photo by Frazer Harrison

Punk's former girlfriend, Natalie Slater, might know better than most what is going through his mind. Punk has kept at a distance from current WWE superstars since he left the promotion earlier this year, so not many people know what his future plans are. Punk has kept mum on the situation.

He hasn't done any interviews about his potential return to the WWE, and he hasn't tweeted about it either. Since Punk has been so quiet about either retiring or returning to the WWE, pro wrestling fans have been left to speculate as to what has actually been going on. It's clear by now that Punk's departure from the WWE is not part of an elaborate storyline.

If that was the case, Punk likely would have made a grand return when the WWE came to his hometown of Chicago for a live taping of "Raw," just a couple months back. The WWE also would have loved to have Punk make at least a cameo at last month's Wrestlemania 30 event in New Orleans.

Unfortunately for WWE Universe, Punk wasn't on hand for either event. It's also unlikely that he'll be on hand for the WWE's "Payback" special event that goes down next month in Chicago. Instead, Punk has been spotted at NHL hockey games and local hotspots in the Chicago area.

Slater seems to have an inside scoop on what is going on in Punk's life since he left the WWE. She says Punk has been mobbed by fans whenever he's at an airport, and he can't even leave the house to take out his trash without getting swarmed by fans seeking autographs and photos with him. Will Punk ever return to the WWE?

Time will tell how the situation plays out, but he has now had four months away from the spotlight. He doesn't seem to mind his time away from the WWE, and even seems to be enjoying this down time. Only Punk knows for sure what the future holds for him, but WWE Universe should still listen to and appreciate what Slater has to say of the situation.

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