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CM Punk nowhere to be found during WWE Monday Night Raw in Chicago

According to a March 4 report from, CM Punk did not return to the WWE fold during the March 3 episode of Monday Night Raw, despite the show being taped in his hometown of Chicago, Ill.

Punk, 35, had been rumored to appear at the show, since he is a beloved figure in Chicago. Punk was born and raised in "The Windy City," and he still lives there.

Punk hasn't competed inside the WWE ring in over a month, but if he was going to come back it was likely to be in Chicago.

However, the Chicago crowd on hand for the March 3 episode of Monday Night Raw did not get what they came to see, as Punk was not in attendance.

Punk walked out on the WWE after this year's Royal Rumble, because he was apparently upset that he wasn't scripted to win the event.

Punk did not appear on the Monday Night Raw after the Rumble, nor did he appear for the WWE SmackDown taping two days after the Rumble, despite being advertised for the event.

Shortly after, stopped advertising Punk for all future shows.

Paul Heyman addresses CM Punk absence

By the time "Raw" arrived in Chicago, the WWE knew to not ignore the Punk issue. The promotion had Paul Heyman walk out to the ring to explain why Punk wasn't there.

So what really happened? Why isn't CM Punk here tonight? Why won't anybody talk about CM Punk anymore? Cos there is a finger to point around here. There is someone to blame. There is someone to hold accountable why CM Punk just wouldn't put up with it anymore. And ladies and gentleman there comes a time where you have to risk your own job security and point that finger of blame. And tonight in this very ring, I point the blame for the fact that CM Punk is not here tonight, I point that finger at each and every single one of you. You can boo me all you want. The truth hurts, doesn't it? This is why I've always found it so much easier in life to lie. People accept lies so much easier, but the truth does sting just a little bit, doesn't it? The fact is when CM Punk was with me, CM Punk was the longest reigning WWE Champion of the past 25 years. I provided CM Punk the bosom from which his soul could be nourished and then, then you took him away from me.

Analysis: Despite Punk's absence, Chicago received a great show from the WWE. The March 3 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw featured an incredible bout between The Shield and The Wyatt Family, plus an exciting tilt between Big E and Cesaro.

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