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CM Punk news: WWE faces dilemma with future projects, Giving up Punk for Lent

CM Punk news: WWE faces dilemma with future projects, Giving up Punk for Lent
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

On Monday March 3, the WWE held a live episode of RAW from CM Punk's hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Many within the WWE were very concerned with how the crowd would react toward the on-air product. In a brilliant stroke of genius, the WWE turned the crowd's threat of hijacking the show into part of the storyline and successfully handled the raucous WWE Universe. Unfortunately for the WWE, they still have big problems ahead. According to a March 5 report by, the WWE has several upcoming major projects that CM Punk had a role in prior to his departure in late January.

These projects include a WWE Studios film of The Flinstones and an online cartoon. The WWE is staring at a dilemma of how to market and advertise these projects without one of their top stars.

If that weren't enough for the WWE brass to be concerned about, Punk was also the #2 merchandise mover within the WWE. He only trailed John Cena in merchandise sales, which is big business for the WWE. This is a major reason why the WWE hasn't publicly made an official comment on Punk, because they don't want to damage the merchandise sales especially during their most popular season of the year "The Road to WrestleMania."

Since late January, CM Punk has dominated the wrestling scene due to his departure. Rumors, false reports and speculations have been rampant on just about every major wrestling news source. With his contract ending in July, you can expect the CM Punk buzz to continue for the next 4 months. Unfortunately, for some fans and critics, the constant talk of CM Punk has become overbearing and irritating. Many loyal readers of this column have shared their frustrations over how sick and tired they are hearing about CM Punk on a daily basis.

March 5 is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. Many Christian denominations celebrate this religious observance by giving up something for Lent. This sacrifice is to last 40 days as some denominations do it in commemoration of the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the desert, according to So, for the sake of this columnist's sanity, and the fans who are tired of hearing about the wrestler who claims he's "the best in the world," CM Punk will be given up for Lent and no longer covered by this Fight Sports column for at least 40 days.