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CM Punk makes shocking appearance on 'The Talking Dead'

According to a March 16 report from, CM Punk is set to make his first television appearance since leaving the WWE two months ago, with a cameo on the March 16 episode of AMC's The Talking Dead.

Punk, 35, may or may not discuss his decision to leave the WWE, but his cameo on The Talking Dead is still important because it's his first official televised appearance since walking away from the promotion.

Punk, who was spotted in Dallas this weekend at UFC 171, famously walked away from the WWE after competing for over 50 minutes at this year's Royal Rumble.

He was apparently upset that Batista was scripted to win the rumble instead of him.

Not winning the Royal Rumble seemed to have just been the final straw for Punk, as he was also annoyed that the WWE never gave him the push he deserved.

Other WWE superstars such as John Cena and The Rock regularly received movie deals, while Punk was left out in the dark possibly because of his edgy appearance.

Punk is heavily tattooed and has a mean look to him, so he doesn't have a family-friendly image like other WWE superstars.

Punk is still under contract with the WWE, and the deal doesn't expire until July.

However, Punk decided to walk away from the WWE because he felt he wasn't being treated right. He was also legitimately tired from years of touring around the country under the WWE banner.

Is Punk done with the WWE for good? Perhaps pro wrestling fans will receive a bit more insight on the situation during his appearance on The Talking Dead.

The show airs tonight at 10 p.m. on the AMC Network. Punk is appearing on tonight's episode under his real name, Phil Brooks.

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