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CM Punk leaves WWE and teases interest in UFC 'Ultimate Fighter' tryout

According to a Jan. 29 report from, hard-hitting pro wrestling standout CM Punk will not be appearing at any upcoming WWE house shows.

CM Punk may have quit the WWE
Photo by Jason Merritt

Punk, 35, reportedly walked out on the promotion shortly after Sunday night's WWE Royal Rumble 2014, in Pittsburgh, Penn.

He told WWE boss Vince McMahon that he was "going home" to Chicago, Ill., and did not appear on Monday Night Raw the night after the Royal Rumble.

Of course, Punk's new status with the WWE could all just be part of a scripted storyline.

However, Punk revealed in a recent interview with MMA Fighting reporter Ariel Helwani that he has less than a year left on his WWE contract, and that he was feeling a bit burnt out by the promotion's travel schedule.

With that said, it seems unlikely that Punk leaving the WWE is just part of an act.

"I don't know," Punk told Helwani. "Everything's up in the air. Plus, if I say 'yes' and I don't, then I was lying. If I say 'no' and I re-sign, then I was full of sh*t. I think I'm just going to dance around that question. I don't know, we'll see what happens."

Punk also took to Twitter to post what could be viewed as a farewell note to WWE fans.

"Thanks for all the support. Keep being you guys, it's pretty cool," Punk tweeted.

Bloody Elbow reported that Punk may be heading to the MMA world, to test his skills inside the UFC's world-famous Octagon.

Punk sports a Gracie Jiu Jitsu hoodie when he wrestles, and he is often spotted at UFC events. Punk also told Helwani that he would be possibly be interested in trying out for the UFC's "Ultimate Fighter" reality show.

Time will tell how the situation plays out. In all likelihood, fight fans haven't seen the last of Punk.

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