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CM Punk has been spending WWE retirement playing wiffle ball with Bill Murray

According to a May 28 report from Wrestling News Source, WWE legend CM Punk confirmed with a local Chicago-based publication that he is retired from pro wrestling and has no plans of ever coming back. Punk, 35, walked away from the WWE following this year's Royal Rumble in January, and he hasn't appeared at any of the promotion's house shows since the completion of that event.

CM Punk is officially retired from the WWE
Photo by Jason Merritt

There was some speculation that Punk would be returning to the WWE after a short rest, especially after it was announced that the promotion would be bringing its Payback special event to his hometown of Chicago. Punk quickly shot the rumor down that he would be appearing at Payback, as he told RedEye Chicago that he's done with pro wrestling and the WWE.

So what has Punk been up to since walking away from the WWE earlier this year? He told RedEye Chicago that he's been bowling, painting chairs for charity and playing wiffle ball with Bill Murray. Punk has also been spotted around Chicago, soaking in Blackhawks hockey games and enjoying the nightlife. He also recently sang "Take Me Out to the Ballpark" at a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field.

Additionally, Punk is set to get married to his longtime girlfriend, AJ Lee. Punk's WWE contract legitimately expires in July, so its not looking good for his return to the ring. Punk sounds like a man who is happily retired, enjoying the good life by hanging out with friends and catching live sporting events.

After a decade on the road as part of the WWE, Punk deserves a little down time. Its his life and his money, so no one should tell him what to do with it. Punk is living life to the fullest, even without pro wrestling being part of it. He has other passions and desires, like playoff hockey for instance.

Will Punk ever return to the WWE? Only he knows for sure, but it doesn't seem like its going to happen any time soon. Next up for Punk is a celebrity project involving chair-painting for charity. Punk has linked up with the Chicago Cubs on a project commemorating a century of greatness at Wrigley Field.

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