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Clueless in the White House – The Obama strategy to deal with the Islamic State

Islamist Jihadis murder truck drivers and steal their cargo.  Many come from America and European countries and still have passports with which to return.
Islamist Jihadis murder truck drivers and steal their cargo. Many come from America and European countries and still have passports with which to return.
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Obama announced to the world that he has no strategy by which to confront Jihadis. The Jihadis have a strategy on how to conquer people and attack the United States. Conservatives have a strategy on how to exterminate Jihadis. The Pentagon has multiple strategies on how to deal with military conflicts around the world. But Barack Obama, the Leader of the Free World, hasn’t got a clue what to do about the Jihadis of the Islamic State.

This is why you don’t elect a peon to be the president. Contrary to Hollywood fantasy, stupid people do not save the world. Obama’s strategy of laying down for Islamist and socialist belligerence by being openhanded, laying all his cards out on the table for his opponents, falling to his knees, and raising his hands in the air palm out. That may work in the Utopia of Obamaville, but in the real world it gives those with a knife in their hand the opportunity to cut off your head.

Jihadis of the Islamic State are the people Obama helped overthrown Qaddaffi who then turned on the American embassy. They are the ones he wanted to help overthrow Assad and gassed their own people to enlist Obama’s help. Now they are slaughtering thousands, raping, looting, and murdering their way across the Middle East.

Liberal media sold Obama to America as a new kind of politician who was so smart that he would solve the world’s conflicts. They did such a good job that the Nobel Committee awarded him the Peace Prize before he signed his first executive order. Now with Russia invading Ukraine and Jihadis enslaving the Middle East, his response is to tell them he won’t stand in their way.

When Obama speaks of destroying the Islamic State, he does so with all the enthusiasm of a drunkard who just woke up with a hangover. When he speaks of destroying Republicans and American patriots, he is animated and full of fire. Foreign affairs are as foreign to his liberal mind as a rabid dog is to a child. Destroying Americanism is the goal to which he devotes himself, and he has no understanding that the world he ignores is going to bite him on the ass.

Jihadis and socialists are gathering into a storm that will eventually result in the next world war because the power that would stop them dead in their tracks is being wielded by an impotent man. Obama may well see these people as his brethren, Islamist Jihadis and socialists sharing his same ideology. America is suffering economically, militarily, and diplomatically, yet people voted for this man and his party twice!

Liberals are not merely dysfunctional thinkers. They are not just ignorant. They are the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. All the crazy ones are not locked up. They walk the streets and they vote.

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