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Clueless Rand haters sharpen their knives again

From time to time the left-liberal emoting classes – those who make millions in the multibillion dollar entertainment industry by reading memorized words in front of cameras – find it fashionable to attack Ayn Rand, that detested patron saint of rational entrepreneurial creativity.

Politically connected liberal lawyer character tells stereotypically evil businessman caricature that Ayn Rand novels are awful and that her philosophy is the world view of a 12-year-old. But, AHA, he tells her she should reread them.

Rand was verbally bloodied in a recent episode of the TV Series The Good Wife when Rand's name was mentioned by a typical socially clueless straw man businessman character the left seems to always wallow in, ham-fistedly depicted as celebrating his corporate merger that would lay off 20% of the new entity's workforce.

(There was also the embarrassingly cartoonish "good-guy" activist who shouts "Down with corporate imperialism!" as he pies the despised capitalist's face. Was the writer who came up with that line a 90-year-old senile Marxist-Leninist?)

Those who read Rand only as novels dismiss them as bad novels; those who read Rand only as philosophy dismiss it as bad philosophy. Those who read Rand as a unified theoretical concept are those who get it.

There's a reason why Rand made her hero in The Fountainhead an architect.

To create structures that people can actually live and work in – like buildings that encompass those sound stages, recording studios, concert halls and Broadway theaters that the emoting classes apparently never give a thought to – a person must be an engineer.

To bring grace, beauty, splendor, and emotional connection to such structures requires the architect to have a type of artistic sense that, again, the performing arts classes seem blind to – a person must be a visionary.

The left seems only able to connect creativity with emotion. Creativity plus rationality is lost on them. They seemingly can't conceive of giving birth to a business as an act of creativeness, that pursuing successful entrepreneurship requires imagination, ingenuity, originality and inspiration.

Since they don't get it, and see themselves as superior in their not-getting-it-ness, they will already be lining up to dismiss the soon-to-be-released Atlas Shrugged Part III movie and every libertarian who sees it.

Of course the right doesn't get it either. They embrace Rand's depiction of the entrepreneur as hero without really getting her Objectivist philosophy. They keep characterizing today's incestuously interconnected big politicians, big corporatists and big banksters as "the free market" which it isn't. The right can't distinguish between the free market entrepreneur Henry Rearden and the politically connected corporatist James Taggart.

The ultimate irony in all of this is that Alicia Florrick, the Good Wife title character, has all the makings of a quintessential Ayn Rand character herself.

Nonetheless, unthinking Rand-haters should sharpen their knives; it's easier than sharpening your minds.

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