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ClubSoft to provide CB Link to its clients

ClubSoft aims to make clubs run smoothly
ClubSoft aims to make clubs run smoothly
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Running an athletic, golf, or membership club of any type is not an easy task, but if you have all the necessary resources and information at your disposal, it becomes a doable task.

ClubSoft an innovative company that develops, sells, implements and supports an advanced club management system will now be the first to provide Club Benchmarking's CB Link Technology to clubs around the world.
Almost 500 clubs subscribe to Club Benchmarking’s platform using automatically generated Key Performance Indicator reports to strategically help clubs operate.

ClubSoft not only helps golf clubs, but also health clubs, tennis clubs, and yacht clubs.

ClubSoft joining with Club Benchmarking is a natural step, using a standardized chart of accounts and having the ability to see benchmark data coming from a centralized database are more than important to the future health of the club industry. It's an industry that depends on every member, dollar, and word of mouth from its membership.

“The last few years Private Club owners and board members have become more dependent on accurate financial data to run their organizations,“ states Ray McDonald, CEO of ClubSoft. “Our goal with this integration is to make it easy for our clients to participate and use data from the industry benchmarking experts. This allows CMAA’s professional managers to contribute to important industry research and to use facts to educate their Board and make fact based decisions.”

Sharing data between these two titans in the club industry should immediately help with the data reporting, operation, and collection process.

“We are intensely focused on providing managers, boards, and owners the best comparative data and intelligence in the industry,” adds Club Benchmarking CEO & Co-Founder Ray Cronin. “The CB platform has delivered tremendous value to many hundreds of clubs and CB LinkTM is the next step in automating the important data sharing central to Club Benchmarking and the CMAA survey process."

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