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Clubhouse Jäger and l'etoile magazine present Soundstage: Volume Cinq

Soundstage: a post-punk, protogoth rescoring of Westworld and Ladyhawk, Thursday at Clubhouse Jager
Soundstage: a post-punk, protogoth rescoring of Westworld and Ladyhawk, Thursday at Clubhouse Jager
Image courtesy of Soundstage

Among in-the-know urbanites' favored places to dance, drink and debauch this Thursday night is Clubhouse Jäger in Minneapolis, where Soundstage presents a sci-fi/fantasy classic double feature with the dance, trance and darkwave sounds of DJ Demietoile and DJ Deus ex Machina. As the classic films Westworld and Ladyhawk play above the crowd, in-house DJs garnish the motion picture fare, flavoring the films with a soundtrack of 80's minimal, dark new wave, synth-rock faves, fierce electro, shimmy-worthy Italo and foreign synth-pop in real time.

As the organizers summarize the films:

Westworld --- In Michael Crichton's '73 science fiction fantasy-gone-wrong flick, a high tech adult amusement park - Delos - is built on the grounds of intense self-entertainment featuring the fantasy lands, WesternWorld, MedievalWorld and RomanWorld. In a place where "nothing can possibly go wrong," killer androids, sexual rebellion, and hyper robot malfunction run amok. Features a hot young Yul Brynner as an android gunslinger from the West, plus mad special effects only the 70's could produce: i.e. Yul Brynner's face melting to a bleaker of hydrochloric acid!

Ladyhawk --- Adding to the Medieval fantasy attack, Soundstage screens the '85 Richard Donner fairytale classic, featuring visual scenes of sword and sorcery splendor and Pfeiffer as the sexy Isabeau d'Anjou, whose animorphing skills take her from mysterious hooded hottie to free flying ethereal hawk. Not to mention, some awesome on-screen trainwreck acting from Matthew Broderick.

Soundstage: Volume Cinq begins Thursday at 10:00 p.m. at Clubhouse Jäger (located in the Warehouse District at 923 Washington Avenue North) and features $3.50 Red Stripes and $2.50 Premiums, and no cover charge. This event is 21+ and requires a valid ID to enter. Soundstage is sponsored by Clubhouse Jäger and l'etoile magazine.