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Club Nintendo partially down

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Users that logged into Club Nintendo today found out that orders for physical items were no longer an option, at least until May 13 according to Nintendo.

The section that normally would have rewards listed is currently only displaying downloadable games for the WiiU and 3DS. A message accompanied the Reward Catalog page.

"Orders for physical rewards are currently closed while we update our systems. But there's good news: We'll be accepting orders again starting May 13. We've also got great digital games that you can download instantly, so check 'em out."

While this may be slightly inconvenient for some, it might actually spell out good news for active Club Nintendo users. It's been no secret that North American Club Nintendo fans have had limited options on prizes for years. Hopefully this maintenance period is being used to update their catalog.

Prior to the page removing the physical items, fans would have the option of ordering mainly just posters and storage devices. Most of these items haven't changed in quite a long time, and a total revamp of the catalog would leave few people complaining.

So with that said, if Club Nintendo really is changing up their catalog what type of items would you like to see?


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