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Club Nintendo brings back 'Link Between Worlds' poster set

The popular posters return to Club Nintendo, for now
The popular posters return to Club Nintendo, for now

One of the most popular awards on Club Nintendo, the Link Between Worlds poster set, has returned for the order form for members.

The poster set originally made its way up in November, around the release of the game. They were clearly in high demand as they went down rather quickly.

If you want to order the posters, you will have to dish out 500 of your Club Nintendo coins. That equates to registering around 10-15 games, which is a pretty steep price for some pieces of paper.

That being said, the set includes three really nice pieces of paper. You have the view of the Master Sword, Link looking toward Hyrule and my personal favorite which is all the characters of the game in their paint form.

Luckily nintendolife realized earlier today that the poster set had popped back up and brought it to our attention. Obviously it would be smart to order quick, as we have seen these things can be gone before you know it.