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Club Nintendo adds 'Animal Crossing' posters as reward

These two posters are currently being offered as rewards
These two posters are currently being offered as rewards
Club Nintendo

Club Nintendo has recently added a new series of Animal Crossing: New Leaf posters for users to purchase through their reward points.

The posters cost 500 coins, which is quite a large amount for a piece of parchment. To put that into perspective, Club Nintendo also offers a t-shirt for 550 coins, which feels like much more of a value. Shipping is free, as it always is.

For those that do decide to order the posters, you will receive a set of two, 22" by 28" posters. The first poster is a fairly generic grouping of important characters, but the second poster is actually pretty cool. It features all the potential neighbors in the game divided up based on what animal they are. It's definitely a fun guide for real devoted fans.

This offer is exclusive to Club Nintendo of America. Meanwhile, Europe has recently gotten 3DS XL pouches, coming in three different colors.

One of the flaws of Club Nintendo is that while it is nice to be offered free stuff just for playing Nintendo games, the things offered in America are usually fairly disappointing. And when there is something worth ordering, often times it is either too expensive or already sold out.

What would you like to see on Club Nintendo? Are you content with the reward being offered or do you think Nintendo should give fans more incentive to register their games?

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