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Club Nintendo 3DS designs, Kid Icarus Virtual Console downloads coming

Club Nintendo 3DS Designs
Club Nintendo 3DS Designs

Nintendo of Japan gets all the cool stuff. There's no doubting the awesomeness of a Game And Watch remake that the American Club Nintendo received, but Japan will be recieving three limited edition Nintendo 3DS console designs.

No, unlike the UK-exclusive Wii redesign, these won't be mass marketed or heavily reworked. Announced in today's Nintendo Direct (the new video news series that Nintendo has launched) around the 30 minute mark, Nintendo will be releasing three exclusive designs of the 3DS to Club Nintendo Japan. According to Kotaku, the three consoles (designed after Mario, Princess Peach, and the iconic Super Mushroom) will be limited to 1,000 each. Members can enter to win a console, and everyone who enters will get a Virtual Console copy of Kid Icarus.

These three redesigns join the Gundam-designed 3DS already exclusive and limited to Japan.

If you somehow were able to acquire the console, you'd only be able to play Japanese 3DS games, thanks to region locking. This does open up the new Compatible Heroes: Lost Heroes Gundam/Ultraman/Kamen Rider crossover, though...