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Club Ned Colorado stoners new mecca

Credit Torben Bjørn Hansen on Flickr Creative Commons
Credit Torben Bjørn Hansen on Flickr Creative Commons
Torben Bjørn Hansen on Flickr Creative Commons

Club Ned is the first legally sanctioned cannabis club in United States history. Situated in Nederland, in the mountains of Boulder Country, Club Ned will be a place where marijuana enthusiasts can smoke together in a common, comfortable place.

Though cannabis clubs aren't new, other clubs have not been granted approval from the government. On the contrary, Cheryl and David Fanelli, the owners of the club, consulted the government and legal authorities when planning their business. This was to ensure they don't hit legal roadblocks once the club is open to the public.

If you're wondering how smoking indoors is possible, it is because lawyers have added marijuana to the Colorado Clean Air Indoor Act. Under this regulation, they are sanctioned to allow cannabis smoking inside their premises because of the small number of employees they have and because food sales will be below a certain amount.

There are strict codes associated with Club Ned. One cannot simply drop in when they feel like getting high with friends. One is required to purchase a membership to Club Ned and schedule a time to visit. Patrons must supply their own marijuana though food and drinks will be sold at the facility.

The Fanelli's believe their institution is not only to enjoy marijuana but to advocate for safe and responsible cannabis use. If an individual is too intoxicated to drive or be in public, they will stay until they have sobered up. In addition, when the club opens in a few weeks, the Fanelli's have expressed their desire to engage the community and inform the public on the facts of marijuana and its use.