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Club Kid And Party Monster Michael Alig To Focus On Art After Prison

Michael Alig

Back in the 90’s, the club kids ruled and reigned over New York City’s party scene. One such part monster was Michael Alig who has been credited with fueling the flames of the club kid scene and hosting some of the greatest and gayest events in The Big Apple.

On March 17, 1996, Alig murdered and dismembered the body of his roommate and drug dealer; fellow club kid Angel Melendez. Since his conviction, Michael has been denied parole several times but it has recently been announced that he will be released from prison on May 5.

Alig’s life leading up to the murder of Melendez inspired the 2003 film, Party Monster which starred Macaulau Culkin as Alig and Seth Green who played club king James St. James. There is also an informative documentary that was released in 1998 titled Party Monster: The Shockumentary which you can watch directly on YouTube.

According to sources, There is no chance that he will return to clubs as a way of life,” he says, “but he will paint and write, and as always, try to impact the way we think.” Alig has reportedly “never used a computer or cell phone, but has remained keenly aware of the world we live in.”

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