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Club Dogz is collecting food for needy dogs in Maryland

Help Maryland shelter dogs get a chance at adoption by donating food.
Help Maryland shelter dogs get a chance at adoption by donating food.
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As people continue to struggle to make ends meet in a tough economy and unemployment rates in the area continue to climb, Maryland shelters are seeing a very unfortunate side effect. Dogs are being turned in by owners who reluctantly realize that cutting their cable bills, packing bag lunches and doing many other things to be more frugal just isn't saving enough to pay for food and veterinary care for their beloved pets.

Club Dogz has decided to do something about the problem for at least some Maryland dogs and their families by holding a pet food drive to help residents of Frederick County that need help feeding their dogs and the shelters, which are struggling to make mends meet under the combined burden of feeding and caring for the extra surrendered animals, providing food to families trying to keep their dogs and feeding strays. Club Dogz says that the problem is made worse because budget cuts affected the state shelter's funding.

To help these shelters and families, Club Dogz is asking people to help them collect a total of 1500 pounds of pet food. The doggie day care is still almost 1000 pounds short of its goal and has changed the goal date to February 28th in an effort to reach the 1500 pound total.

Your donation of non-perishable pet food or other pet supplies will help feed the pets of over 200 families that are getting help from the shelters and will help the shelters keep pets longer in hopes of finding them new homes. It will also help stray animals survive the winter.

If you can donate any food or supplies to this worthy cause, you can take the donations to Club Dogz at 423A East Patrick Street in Frederick, Maryland from 10 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday or 11 am to 2 pm on Saturday through February 28th. For more information, you can call 301-418-6207.

For people who want to help out but are not going to be in the Frederick area, other Maryland shelters are also struggling to make ends meet and some local food pantries are accepting pet food to give to needy families.


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