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Clover Hill in Hardwick

Clover Hill in beautiful Hardwick
Clover Hill in beautiful Hardwick
Richard Morchoe

The hard winter is over and life is returning to New England. Heading up from Gilbertville on Lower Road we stopped in at the Clover Hill Country Store in the beautiful town of Hardwick.

To greet you are a couple of cute alpacas who love attention and will amble over to greet you almost before you get out of your car. Peruvian personality is not the only reason to stop.

Inside of the well-built post and beam structure is a cozy store. There is more, it is also a townie breakfast and lunch spot.

I ordered a breakfast sandwich on ciabatta. I asked for bacon, ham, sausage and egg with cheddar on ciabatta. It was delightful.

Robin had lunch. There is a menu of sandwiches with regional Yankee names. She had an Enfield, that is a roast beef with horseradish chedar, bacon, lettuce and sauce on a roll. It too, hit the spot.

Clover Hill also serves, in season, Maple Valley Ice Cream. Now that spring has spring, it’s back. Maple Valley Creamery in Hadley is not far away and always fresh with many flavors including as Sea Salted Caramel Swirl. Adventurous, but I’m a cookie dough guy.

There is a web page at and a facebook page here.

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