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Cloudy with a chance of "stompers" at Zimmerman

Day 2 of MBFW was given a strong start with a whole lot of urban attitude from Zimmermann's "Cloud Stompers".

Like an alarm that gently wakes you with soothing music, then a persistent buzz, and finally, a kick out of bed, the show at 9 A.M. on the Pavilion in Lincoln Center, set the tone for an exciting day ahead.

Using the unexpected shades of cascade (mint), hydrangea, orchids, red and flame to soften the winter punch of black leather, lace and studs, Zimmermann created a wonderfully balanced, bold, eclectic style. Fluffy and sometimes puffy sweaters and dresses matched with knit pencil skirts, black and white printed pants, or studded, cut out skirts and dresses.

And the slicked back hair (very popular this season) and simple accessories - like the covetable "Kellie" handbags, black pumps and little black ties 'cute-ified' the otherwise assertive looks.

Aided by the appropriately brushed gray walls, "Cloud Stompers" thundered through the Pavilion like a storm. But rather than gloom, it brought with it a welcome breath of fresh air.

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