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Clouds in Wyoming: Amazing supercell formation caught on video

Clouds in Wyoming might not sound all that interesting, but a storm chasing group in the area managed to be in the right place at the right time to catch some amazing video of the formation of supercell in Wyoming on Sunday. On May 19, Click2Houston shared the video that is now going viral on the Internet.

Basehunters is a group out of Norman, Okla., but they happened to be in the area of northeast Wyoming when this storm formed over the skies in the area on Sunday. The time lapse video shows the formation of a supercell, and it is definitely something to see as the storm clouds take shape. The video was shot over Clareton in Wyoming.

What is a supercell? Pete Spotts of The Christian Science Monitor said the following to describe the formation of supercells in 2012: "Supercells rely on four basic ingredients to form: a source of warm, moisture-laden air near the ground and colder air at higher altitudes; a shift in wind speed or direction with altitude – known as wind shear – within a few thousand feet of the ground; something to trigger the rise of that low-level warm air; and a landmass that is closer to its hemisphere's pole than the source of the warm, moist air."

All of these ingredients were there for this storm to form on Sunday afternoon. These storms are especially dangerous. When they form, they can bring both heavy rain and the threat of tornadoes to the area. This storm did bring hail to the area, according to one person on Twitter. Ian Livingston shared a photo of the storm, and he revealed that it was producing hail. This is not surprising with the appearance of those clouds. If a storm had not happened on Sunday afternoon in northeastern Wyoming, it would have been odd.

Basehunters has continued to share new footage of storms forming in the area on their Facebook since this footage was shot on Sunday. A supercell was responsible for the tornado that hit Moore, Okla. a year ago. The anniversary of that storm was on Tuesday. That large tornado destroyed many buildings in the area when it struck the residents of Moore and Oklahoma City.

Supercell video like the one shared by Basehunters is amazing to watch, but there is more to the footage. There is a storm connected to those clouds, and that storm can bring high winds, heavy rain, hail, and even tornadoes to the area underneath it. Weather has become increasingly violent in recent years as well.

If you see a cloud like this in your area, seek shelter immediately. Don't try to capture your own footage or stay out to watch the storm. Conditions can become dangerous and live threatening at any time with one of these storms. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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