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"Cloud" storage is free at amazon - music, photos and documents up to 5GB

"Cloud" storage is free at amazon
"Cloud" storage is free at amazon, Tracy Lynn Cook

Amazon recently jumped in to the cloud business offering their customers access to 5GB of cloud space free of charge.

This happy cloud of entertainment Amazon recently created is designed to keep music, photos, videos, and documents safe and easily accessible. The account takes literally one minute to set up if you are already registered with, and is very user friendly.

Many consumers worry about the privacy of cloud accounts. Others feel that in the day and age of computer hacking, clouds might be safer than personal computers.

Clouds are also a fabulous way to work on a project from multiple computers without needed to save to a thumb drive or disk. Just stuff it back into the cloud and it is ready whenever you are.

One potential downside to cloud use it the need for an Internet connection. If you have no Internet connection, you have no access.

However, in the day and age of a broadband network that will soon be able to transmit your thoughts before you actually think them, really...who does not have access to an Internet connection?

Wifi is available in many public places, for example, in Gilbert, the The San Tan Village outdoor mall area offers wifi for the entire area.

Who knew? This easy access to free wifi means that perhaps a few pasty pale people will be actually go outdoors for awhile with device in hand and ever connected.

These happy people get free wifi, access to their own personal cloud, and a dose of vitamin D (hopefully through sun screened skin).


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