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Cloud data: Taking the next green steps

Green Cloud Servers
Green Cloud Servers
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The electronic age made it easier for businesses to run efficiently, but this has often come at the expense of the environment. After all, every piece of printer paper that you use and each old electronic device that you send to the local landfill have a negative impact on the world. Although it might not be possible to have a completely paper-free office, cloud service providers help you save money, protect your sensitive data and reduce your carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly Benefits of Cloud Services
Paper usage is something that most businesses are making an active attempt to reduce, but it is still necessary to have a backup of all of your essential data and files by way of cloud services. Instead of keeping this information backed up on paper copies, saving your data online saves time, space and money.

This green way of conducting business will also keep your data more secure. After all, fire or a natural disaster could hit your building at any time, and this would almost certainly destroy your printed files.

Electronics Impact the Environment
Every company needs electronic equipment such as computers and printers in order to compete locally and globally. However, it is important to realize that these electronics need to be disposed of properly.

If the correct procedures aren’t followed, then hazardous chemicals can leach into the soil and water table. That practice puts dangerous chemicals into your local water supply and directly into your drinking water. Backing up your files via cloud storage will allow you to minimize the amount of hardware that your company needs to purchase and replace.

Doing the Right Thing for the Planet
Even though it is easy to see the importance of taking measures that can have a positive financial and environmental impact, there are still many companies that choose not to do the right thing. However, Atlanta-based QTS Data Services is a prime example of a business that has stepped up, and they have also committed themselves to go the extra mile with aggressive green steps in the industry.

QTS operates the second largest data center in the world, and this means that they are well-equipped to meet the needs of business clients of all sizes. Their data center has earned the LEED Gold Certification and invested $10 million into a portfolio-wide program to further reduce their energy consumption.

This environmental stewardship is good news for Atlanta, and for the company’s clients who benefit from the cost savings that are passed on to them. The business has even implemented a rainwater collection program on-site that is used to support the data center’s cooling infrastructure. Additionally, they participate in the Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corps Program each year.

QTS: Known for Thinking outside the Box
Following proven Eco-friendly guidelines is a great start, and any business or individual who puts programs in place such as recycling and using data centers should be commended for their role in helping the environment. QTS received an honorable mention in the Audacious Idea category at the 2013 Uptime Institute Green Enterprise IT Awards for their green approach. The company’s innovative team created an isolated rack-cooling duct, and this allows QTS to reduce their reliance on their computer room air conditioning units by a stunning 30 percent.

Each business owner is responsible for providing a positive profit margin which often causes people to ignore green initiatives. The reality is that taking this approach will end up increasing your expenses and end up costing you more money in the end. Making a profit at the expense of the planet is always a bad policy, and the world is watching green initiatives taken by companies more than ever. Instead, you should utilize all of the cost-effective and environmentally responsible options that you have available such as those offered by the QTS Data Centers.

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