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Cloud Computing to help with your Honey-Do List around the house

Do you have a massive honey-do-list that you avoid like a plague? Do you dread trips to Home Depot? Well, there might be help for you in the Cloud! Yes, Cloud Computing solution provide RedBeacon which was acquired by Home Depot last year could be what the doctor ordered.

Redbeacon has developed a solution for Home Depot customers to manage the bidding and selection process of contractors. The way the service works is that customers enter their project into Home Depot's site Once a project is submitted, the site matches the customers projects with the contractor profiles that who have registered as Home Depot Pros with similar skills. The Cloud based solution then notifies each contractor using Twilio's SMS technology that a project has been posted that matches their skills. Each contractor who is registered as a Pro will then have the option to respond to the project posted by the Home Depot consumers..

Redbeacon manages the introduction, matching process and the eventual selection process. They also are offering a $1,000 guarantee when the payment for the services are made using their payment portal. This might be clever attempt to compete with PayPal, but it's not a bad start since $1,000 can go a long way towards covering the cost of small kitchen and bathroom projects.

I wanted to test the service before writing this article. So, I posted a landscaping project on the Home Depot pro site to test the service. Within a few days we had a response from one of Home Depot contractors who had answered our questions and wanted to schedule an appointment to develop a quote for us.

We strongly recommend that Redbeacon folks add a review process to the conclusion of this process where customers can provide feedback on the contractors. This would help with the selection process and will go a long way in eliminating the anxiety of home owners when it comes to working with contractors.

Have you used the Redbeacon service? Let us know how it's worked for you.

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